Sunday, October 23, 2016

Windows Of The Heart

THE WISE HOUSEWIFE has the courage to clear out many goods that have become an embarrassment. 

Even the attic or the unused garage must now and then be rummaged through, if only to make way for later additions of things that is so difficult to discard. 

But what about a clearance of our upper story? Why not a planned riddance of mental rubbish that we have accumulated? 

A good beginning would be to get rid of that old hate. What if someone did treat you badly last year or the year before? 

It surely is time to wipe out the feeling of resentment. "Getting even" is no way to settle that. 

You cherish anger, perha s with ample justification. Why let it burn? 

That temper flare-up at the time may be natural, but is there any sense in feeding the flame? 

You just cannot keep it burning without it burning you. 

The storekeeper has to get rid of shop-soiled material. 

If we take stock we shall probably find that we have a number of old prejudices that cumber our minds and our hearts. 

Out with them! 

Physically, so we are told by medical scientists, our bodies are renewed every seven years. 

It is more important that our thoughts and ideas that have outlived their usefulness should be cleared out. 

Most of us give time and space to nonessentials, habits of laziness, procrastination, and good intentions never put into practice. 

If we are wise and want our lives to be successful to the fullest degree, we have got to look into the windows of our hearts and take a careful stock of what we possess, of what we are. 

Then will come the housecleaning. 

At times it needs wisdom and courage if we are to discard those things that are a handicap to the all-important business of successful living.

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