Sunday, October 23, 2016

What Do Angels Look Like

What do Angels look like? 
You can ask me, for I know...
I had an Angel come to me
A long, long time ago... 

She welcomed me with open arms,
And loved with open heart;
And promised that, no matter what,
We'd never have to part. 

Well, Angels keep their promises ,
For mine is always there -
To encourage and to understand,
To comfort and to care. 

She's never very far away,
And , now that I am grown,
I am sharing with my Angel
Little Angels of my own... 

And when my earthly Angel
Walks the Earth with me no more,
I'll never need to wonder
Just what more God has in store... 

Long after she has done her job
Among all living things,
She'll forever be an Angel -
But one who's got her wings... 

So, what DO Angels look like?
You'll know one when you see...
Angels come in Many forms...
But she looks like MOM to me.

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