Friday, September 23, 2016

The Thankful Box

It's just a little box that we use at this time each year, 
But what is in that little box will always bring a tear. 
It's something that we do each year for all to benefit, 
Everyone has placed a little note inside of it. 

We all named it our "thankful box" and what the notes will say, 
Are all the things we're thankful for on this Thanksgiving Day. 
One of us will read the notes as we all sit around, 
And slowly read what each note says and what we've written down.

We do not sign the little notes or put our names on it, 
But as the little notes are read we know just who they fit. 
Sometimes the notes are thankful for a loving Mom and dad, 
Sometimes the notes are thankful for a victory that they had. 

Sometimes the notes are thankful for a husband or a wife, 
Sometimes the notes are thankful for a new start with their life. 
A new one in the family will draw a note or two, 
Especially if the stork has brought it to our family new. 

Each year we read the little notes and then we laugh and cry, 
Realizing that this year has almost passed us by. 
The year is drawing to a close and there has been some change, 
Some thankful things are near to us but some are out of range. 

This year as we read the notes they seemed to ring out clear, 
We didn't take for granted many things we had this year. 
Some things that were read from the notes we never heard before, 
It seemed we took them all for granted until this new war. 

Thankful for our freedom... yes, the words now come alive. 
Thankful for our way of life and not just to survive. 
Thankful that we have a home with friends and family, 
Living free and just enjoying all that we can see. 

Having laws and government that still protect our rights, 
Having those in charge so we sleep peaceful through our nights. 
Yes, this year has made our thankful box more meaningful, 
But the last note found inside our box made life seem beautiful. 

Scribbled in a crayon were some printed words in blue, 
We knew one of the kids had done it, which one, no one knew. 
They always needed help to write so this was very odd, 
A simple crayon note in blue that spelled out, "Thank You God."

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