Friday, September 23, 2016

The Meaning Of Life

If you've never asked the question
Who or when or why or how
Give your mind that great suggestion
Go ahead and do it now 

You will find when you consider
All the options that abound
There is still but one conclusion
Where peace of mind is found 

It's not in education
In religion or in books
In retirement funds and IRAs
Or how the market looks 

It's not in status or in style
How low in golf you score
It's not the running of a mile
Or who you're working for 

It's not the price you pay for things
It's not the jewels and fancy rings
It's not the checks and credit cards
Secured by all those guns and guards 

It's not the beauty of your face
It's not a matter of your race
It's not the muscle on your bones
Your classy looks or great skin tones 

What matters most in life today
Is where you stand along the way
Not what you have, but what you are
How faith in God succeeds by far 

God is the answer to the question
Of the who, when, why or how
And he gives the invitation
Trust in me and do it now 

You'll find God meets your deepest need
With His kind words your soul he'll feed
He guides your steps and makes things right
He'll turn darkness into light.

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