Friday, September 23, 2016

Thank You

I was walking my dogs early this morning
before the sun came up when I noticed
that it had frosted last night.
The frost on the grass sparkled in the moonlight. 

It was so beautiful. It was like
the Earth itself were made of crystal.
I thanked God for such a wonderful sight. 

Later in the morning
as I looked out my window after breakfast
I saw the most spectacular sunrise. 

The heavens were a glorious blend
of pink, purple, and red.
I thanked God for sharing it with me.

Thank you is such a beautiful phrase.
It says it all. Every single prayer
should begin with the words,
"Thank you." 

Don't be afraid to say thank you then. 

Don't forget to be thankful. 

When you say thank you your whole world
becomes more beautiful,
joyous, and loving. 

Say thank you then to family, friends,
acquaintances, and even strangers. 

Say thank you to yourself
when you do something good. 

Most of all, though,
say thank you to God for all
that you've been blessed with.

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