Tuesday, August 23, 2016

Seasons Of Life

At birth we're nothing more you see
Than just a sapling of a tree.
A tree that sprouts up in the spring
To show new life to everything. 

We stay this way for a quiet time
Then, like the tree, we learn to climb
Unlike the tree which grows alone
We must be taught the art at home. 

"As the twig is bent so grows the tree."
It's much the same with you and me
For as we're taught, so will we grow
And what we learn is all we'll know. 

If we permit within this life
The little bird with all its strife
To land upon our limbs and sing
Then we'll be like the tree in spring. 

In later, life when in our teens
If we should act like kings or queens
The value of our fruit will be
That equal to the great oak tree. 

The color of our locks of hair
Is like the leaves the tree will wear
And all too soon, in life we find
The summer time we've left behind 

Thus in the fall the leaves doth turn
Just as in life for youth we yearn
For in the fall of life you see
Again we are just like the tree. 

The tree must show in colors bright
That soon the wind will chill the night.
'Tis time for man just past his prime
To settle down for winter time. 

In wintertime, the tree is bare
With nests, where robins struggled there
The same is true when mortal man
Has always done the best he can. 

When in this life of you or me
If we have been what we should be
There is no place for deep regret
For, like the tree, we still live yet.

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