Saturday, July 23, 2016

Kneel Down To Pray

When I was a little child,
I heard the preacher say,
"Take time to listen for the Lord,
when you kneel to pray,

Be very still and quiet,
for sometime you may hear,
The voice of Jesus whisper,
a message in your ear.

If you do the talking,
He never will get through,
To let you know what it is,
He would have you do."

I did not heed the lesson,
the preacher gave that day,
I hurried through my prayers,
and wandered, on my merry way.

As years went by, I realized,
the many times I'd missed,
A perfect opportunity,
to fill my Lord's request.

If I could retrace my steps,
so many things I'd do,
To be the kind of person,
that my Lord can use.

Now that I am older,
my hearing almost gone,
In the silence I can hear,
a different kind of song.

In a gentle whisper,
from the throne above,
I'm joyfully reminded
of my Savior?s love.

I've finally got the message
the preacher gave that day,
I take the time to listen now
when I kneel down to pray.

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