Thursday, June 23, 2016

I Wish You Joy

I wish you joy,
I wish you all the pleasures
The world has to give,
Pleasures of a pure heart
And soul

I wish you the exhilaration 
Felt atop mountain peaks,
I wish you the cool comfort
Of a shaggy, shady oak

I wish you the thrill
Of watching your children
Grow up and blossom
Into a loving, caring maturity

I wish you all the passion
That a love for the ages,
A nurturing, spontaneous love,
Can generously give

I wish you never know loneliness,
Never know pain and sorrow
To excess or extremes,
And if you do,
It gives birth to future joys

I wish you good health
Of mind, body and spirit,
That your journey through life
Be a peaceful one

I wish you friendship
The kind that supports you,
Sustains you,
And makes you stop to smile

I wish you love and friendship,
Comfort and peace,
I wish you joy!

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