Monday, May 23, 2016

How Do You Know

Who ever said that you couldn't do
Exactly the thing that you're planning to? 

Who ever thought that you couldn't climb
Up with the sun to heights sublime? 

Who has advised you to check your pace,
Give up your struggle and lose the race,
Crawl off discouraged and hide your face? 

Nobody but you. 

You are the one who has done it all - 
Deserted your castles and let'em fall,
Smothered the spark of ambition fire.
Shut off the current and cut the wire. 

How do you know the die is cast?
How do you know when the crowd goes past
Who'll be the leader, and who'll be the last? 

How do you know? 

Life is not merely a game of chance,
And you're not the victim of circumstance. 

Nothing too hard for a man to do,
Wishes it more than a miser's wealth,
More than an invalid longs for his health. 

Works for it, prays for it --- night and day,
Feels that no price is too great to pay. 

How do you know til you strive that way. 

How do you know?

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