Wednesday, March 23, 2016

A Valentine Prayer

I pray you have
All the love you need and want

Whether it be the romantic kind
The kind we know comes and goes
Sometimes ebbs & flows
Burning in newness
But hopefully simmering into
A lasting comfort
As it ages over time

Or the love of family
The warmth of blood
Of the bonds of kinship
Of belonging
With those whom you travel life
From the dawn of birth
To the dusk of death

Or the love of friends
That caring of people
With whom you choose
To spend your days
For they voluntarily love you
Just for being
Exactly who you are

And the love of God
Our blessed Creator
Who will love you
His unique creation,
Unconditionally love you,
Warts, quirks and all,
Every single minute of your life.

While the other loves
May let you down
May pass you by
Know that you are
God's Valentine
And His heart is yours
On Valentine's Day
And every other day
Of your never-unloved life.

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